CT and MRI

A bespoke service providing fast, high-quality, clinically-orientated general imaging and neuroimaging reports to support our colleagues in practice.

CT and MRI reporting

Our clinicians are trained to accurately extract and interpret the information required from the hundreds of images that are produced by modern CT and MRI scanners to produce high-quality, clinically relevant reports.  Our clinicians are highly experienced in referral practices and have experience with all types of MRI and CT scanners.  Accordingly, they can advise on scanner protocols and optimisation of images to get the best possible image quality.

It is possible that we can configure your MRI and CT scanners to send images directly into our patient management system to make it even easier and faster for you and your colleagues to obtain a report for your patient.

CT sample report 1

CT sample report 2

Acquisition and installation advice

Choosing and installing a CT or an MRI scanner can be overwhelming with all the choices and decisions that need to be made.  With our expertise and knowledge in this area we can join you on this exciting journey and assist you with the hardware choices and room layout planning.

Once the equipment is installed we can assist in setting up the machine protocols and optimising the images to ensure you are getting the most of the equipment.  We can also provide bespoke education to your staff and local referring practices to ensure everyone is getting the most of the scanner and your patients are benefitting.  Our support doesn’t stop there though; every time we report a case for you, we are evaluating the images and will provide ongoing constructive advice.

Vet Oracle acquisition and installation advice