Our services

Bringing practical clinical neurology and advanced imaging expertise together in one report.

MRI & CT Scan reporting & clinical support

We provide reports on radiographs, CT or MRI studies of neurological or neurosurgical patients. In Spring 2020, we will be using the latest technology in integrated RIS and PACS solutions to streamline workflow and enhance collaboration.

Should you need reporting on chest, abdomen or limb imaging as part of your neurological work-up, our radiology specialist team will be on hand to assist you as well, and provide you with a complete imaging service.

We are focussed on providing teleneuroradiology solutions for an ever-challenging veterinary landscape by providing clinicians with the highest quality clinically-orientated off-site diagnostic reports.

Unlike some teleradiology services, we don’t just ‘report and run’. We believe a complete teleneuroradiology service should include the option for you to seek assistance in the management (diagnostic or neurosurgical) of the case you have submitted to us. This additional advice is provided at no extra cost.

MRI and CT sample report 1

MRI and CT sample report 2

MRI and CT sample report 3


Neurological & neurosurgical advice

We provide tertiary clinical advice in the form of written advice on the management of clinical or surgical neurology patients. Should you wish to submit video footage, neurological examination findings or neuro-imaging studies for advice on management and the best way forward, we have the solution for you.

Click here for guidance on what relevant neurological examination findings to submit to us.

Neurological and neurosurgical sample report 1

Neurological and neurosurgical sample report 2

Follow-up advice

Our service includes follow-up advice, where requested, on the interpretation of diagnostic tests such as radiographic imaging studies, electrophysiology findings, CSF results, muscle/nerve biopsy results, cytology or histology results and/or ongoing management of a case already submitted for neurological clinical advice or small animal advanced imaging reporting. Please note that follow-up advice is a chargeable service. Refer to our price list which is available upon request for more details.

Turnaround time and pricing

Our turnaround time is flexible and will always be agreed with you, whether you need quick advice (less than 24-hours) or standard reporting (one to three days).

Our pricing is highly competitive and offers the best value for money for the solutions we propose to your clinic. Please click here to discuss your needs and want more information on what we have to offer for you.