Craniosynostosis in a Himalayan


Very busy week at Vet Oracle Teleneurology with lots of fascinating cases. Here is one submitted by our friend Raimundo Tamagnini Vet Dubai from The Cat Vet, MRI courtesy of Dieter Mallacze at Blue Oasis veterinary clinic in Dubai.

Seven years old FN Himalayan with five months history of episodes of scratching and seizure-like events. Owner described the cat has never walked normally with mild generalised ataxia. MRI showed number of abnormalities including reduction in the skull length, large supracollicular fluid accumulation with compression of the occipital lobes and cerebellum, cerebellar vermal herniation, severe syringomyelia, enlargement of vertebral canal diameter at C2 and suspected atlanto-occipital overlap. These findings represent a form of craniosynostosis (abnormal growth of the skull) and have been reported in Peke-face Persian phenotype who suffer from a high grade brachycephaly.

For more details about this condition we recommend this great article:

Laurent Garosi
Simon Platt