Paradoxical pseudomyotonia in Spaniels


Fantastic article on paradoxical pseudomyotonia in Spaniels dogs published as early view in JVIM. This case series described seven dogs with clinically confirmed episodes of exercise-induced generalised myotonic-like muscle stiffness.

All episodes resolved spontaneously within 45 seconds in all but one dog. Thorough investigations performed only showed moderate but nonspecific muscle atrophy on muscle biopsy samples. Episodes could often be decreased or eliminated by avoiding episode triggers. The genetic variant responsible for this disorder in Spaniels currently remains unknown.

We are grateful for the first author of this paper Kimberley Stee from Dovecote Veterinary Hospital to provide this video. For more details about this fantastic article visit Wiley Online Library.

If you have a similar Cocker spaniel or Springer spaniel and would like to contribute to this study including providing material for genetic analysis, please contact Dovecote Veterinary Hospital.

Enjoy the reading!

Laurent Garosi
Simon Platt